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"Thomas has worked with our healthcare technology startup for several months as an advisor and consultant.  From our first interaction, Thomas' expertise in the healthcare industry has been evident.  With decades of interaction with various players in healthcare, he deeply understands their motivations, wants, needs, and how to fulfill them. We are so thankful to have Thomas's insight and connections to fuel the early
growth of our startup."

Rachel Brown

Co-founder, titan intake

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"As our clinic needed to expand its footprint, Thomas was instrumental in helping achieve our goals. From helping to find a new location, marketing, physician outreach, and everything in between, Thomas has been there throughout the entire process. We are so happy with the results and continue to lean on him when needed."

Comprehensive Pain Center

Oklahoma City, OK

"I have never been more comfortable getting outside my comfort zone knowing I have first class resources in Thomas and his 30 plus years of trusted networks and leadership experience. What Thomas brings to the table is truly priceless! Thomas has prioritized my needs as if they were his own. His compassion shows in every conversation no matter the time of day. This is a company that is genuinely sincere in making a positive impact in the healthcare industry for generations with strategic initiatives and growth plans. Thomas is THE secret weapon to ReImagine Healthcare!"

Kimberly Tucker

founder, ReImagine Healthcare


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